Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Into Smelly Goodness!

I am utterly spoiled. Arizona is blooming and the sun is shining. Don't worry. In a few short months you all will be frolicking in the sunshine, whilst I melt my face off. In the meantime, a question from a customer:
What's your best scent that will trick my brain into thinking it's spring? 
I'm the wrong person to ask, because we have two seasons. Ya'll. I'm at a loss. What does Spring smell like? Inquiring minds want to know. Click on the link below and comment (now until February 28th) for a chance to win a mini bag of Pail Pardner to help with your winter blahs.

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  1. haha - Great question! I have an iris I can smell. Other than that, it is flying horse hair and molting chickens...


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