Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Q & A

LO's new digs are raising a few questions! Aren't you all TOO PRECIOUS!?! 

Here to alleviate your concerns and address your questions:

Q: Is LO disappearing from Facebook land?
A: Absolutely NOT! How could I possibly ditch such sweet, amazing, strong supporters on fb?!? Pshaw. We're expanding, not relocating. I pinky promise.

Q: What exactly is the point of a blog? Why not just post everything on fb, because, seriously! Who has time for this?
A: Well, there is that. One upside to a blog is being able to utilize an easier product giveaway platform (which will be happening regularly!). And also, there's that pesky thing about not everyone seeing posts on fb. Not cool, Mr. Zuckerberg. Not cool.* If you subscribe to this lil' blog, you won't miss a single thing. 

Q: Are you changing things around and generally messing with everything we love?
A: Um, no.

Keep the questions coming! Ya'll are pretty much the fantastic-est people on the interwebs.


P.S. Don't forget about the Spread the LOVE giveaway

*Alright, so it's not his fault, but still... 

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